Web Applications

I am almost always engrossed in building a tool that solves a problem for myself. This is a small sampling of the projects I have built to address those problems. Several of the repo READMEs have a tour of the app with screenshots and code snippets of the parts I find most interesting.

Current Skills

Ruby, Rails, Action Cable, Hotwire, RSpec & testing, CSS3, BEM & utility classes, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Heroku, Firebase, Jekyll, XML & JSON parsing, database design, product design and launch, copy editing, and graphic design

Open Source Contributions


Emoji artwork contributions for shared Slack emoji resource


Pull Requests for GitHub issues for StockAid, an inventory management system for The Grateful Garment Project which provides clothing for victims of sexual assault


Editing contributions for the book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz


Editing contributions for Ruby command line tic-tac-toe game which accompanies an online tutorial for building object-oriented games with Ruby

Published Works

Whenever I have an idea for something that solves a particular problem, I dive in and start creating. Sometimes it's a solution I can use right now (zipper pocket underpants) and other times, it's a solution that I wish had existed when I needed it (book on packing), so I created it to solve the problem for other people.

Self-Reading Tarot Deck

I was curious to read tarot cards, but it was a lot to memorize up front in order to do a reading. I made this deck and spreads to be self-reading. All you have to do is lay down the cards and read what's on them. It fixed the glitch for me and they're selling like hotcakes on Etsy. See it on Etsy

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is fun. But for me, some of those adult coloring books with intense patterns and endless decisions to make feel more like a chore than play. I created this book to be as simple to color and as playful as children's books, but with snarky scenes of chores and woes from adult life. See it on Amazon

Book on Packing

As my husband and I planned to live and work indefinitely in Central America, we had so many questions that weren't googlable at the time. I wrote this book to answer all of those questions. See it on Amazon

Zipper Underwear

Women's clothing is dreadfully lacking in pockets. I made these underpants to create storage space for my keys, phone, wallet, and passport. They also double as secure boardshorts and instant skort shorts! See it on Betabrand

Plant Necklaces

I needed a little bit of nature in my life -- apparently right around my neck is where it had to be -- so I bought some wood, borrowed some tools, and started creating. Now several people in New Orleans have little plants around their necks too. See it on Etsy

Yoga Track Album

There are some styles of yoga where you hold a pose for several minutes at a time. Instead of using a timer, I created guided tracks so I could build playlists for a perfectly timed yoga session. See it on Bandcamp


These are some places where I contribute blog posts or content.

Tech Blog

Almost a TIL journal, this blog is where I share the discoveries in programming that thrill me. Sometimes it’s an ah-ha moment or else it’s just a really nifty method or concept that knocked my socks off. These posts are currently hosted in the blog section of this site.

Graphic Design Tech Blog

In my former life as a graphic designer, I wrote a few posts to answer client questions about image size and other common things that come up. As it turns out, one of my posts taught over 45,000 people how to calculate dpi for print.

Travel Blog

As we lived and worked (remotely) in several Latin American countries, we documented some of the highlights and adventures we had. I also wrote some posts on logistics to help other would-be travelers to take the plunge.

Sustainability Blog

While we were traveling, my husband and I were seeing a lot of ecological and human problems that we hadn’t seen first hand before. We were also seeing people who were working to solve these problems. It was really inspiring, so we started a separate blog to have a reason to connect with these people and write about their efforts. (We recently rolled that content into our main travel blog.) In December of 2016, a person producing sustainable dental floss contacted me regarding a post I wrote on dental floss waste and sustainable alternatives asking me for permission to print a quote from my post on her packaging. How cool is that?